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Crux is a revolutionary accelerated learning technology.

Crux provides you a chance to catch up on the most acclaimed and influential self-help books in the world.

Our offer to you is a diverse and ever-increasing library of book synopses (we only send you what is essential and most worth knowing) delivered straight to your phone for a staggeringly low price.

We understand that in today's fast paced modern world it's hard to find the time to read no matter how much you want to, that is why we've done it for you. What we give you is a summary of each chapter of the most beneficial and rewarding books, condensed to its essential lessons and key elements, sent to you daily. These chapters take less than 10 minutes to read meaning that you get all the benefits of reading these amazing books without having to sacrifice a large amount of your time.

These are also no simple summaries; our expert team of writers have carefully reviewed each of these books to pick out what has provided the most improvement to people's lives, and now we are sharing it with you.

Should you ever choose to unsubscribe you will also retain access to all the previous chapters and complete books you have received.

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cover image for The Art of Persistence
cover image for The Obstacle is the Way
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cover image for How to Win Friends & Influence People
cover image for The Road Less Travelled
cover image for Man's Search for Meaning
cover image for Serious Creativity
cover image for How to Build Self Discipline
cover image for Your Erroneous Zones
cover image for The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
cover image for The Power of Positive Thinking
cover image for The One Thing
cover image for The Slight Edge
cover image for Outliers
cover image for The Power of Now
cover image for Think & Grow Rich
cover image for Real Magic